Phoenix AZ – Peixoto Coffee Roasters

(Featuring some shots in black and white that I loved by Perry Czopp of

Just outside Phoenix in Downtown Chandler is a new crop to cup coffee shop Peixoto Coffee Roasters. Since I live in Chandler, I was just excited to have a specialty coffee shop in my area, but while talking to Perry about it, he explained the novelty concept of crop to cup even on a national level, which I’ll share further down. 


When Perry told me he hadn’t been to Peixoto yet, we made a day to meet so I could introduce him to the new spot. Perry is a passionate part of the Phoenix coffee community, so I was glad to enjoy this new addition to our community with him. 



Perry tries coffee shops my favorite way: he engages with the barista to hear their offerings, then orders just about one of everything. I think it’s the best way to coffee shop haha.

I recommend the cold brew (and now they also offer nitro cold brew) and their Arnold Palmer of cascara tea and lemongrass lemonade. 

I also recommend the pão de queijo, a Brazilian cheese bread, and sensory memory of the time I lived In Brazil for eight months. 

After ordering, we met the husband and wife owner of Peixoto. They explained their crop to cup idea that had been a long time coming as Julia’s father owns a coffee farm in Brazil, and they had always had a desire to roast his beans locally and open a coffee shop in their home town of Chandler, AZ. I’ve learned that it’s a rare concept for a coffe shop owner producing the cup of coffee to also be in direct relation with the crop that they source their beans from. 


It’s exciting to see this shop gain so much local support in the East Valley of Phoenix where specialty coffee is rare, and to see so many in the local community come out to welcome them to the community. 

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