Phoenix, AZ – Ollie Vaughn

One of my favorite things about traveling is discovering hidden gems of local food and coffee. I’ve been implementing that into my lifestyle here in Phoenix. There are a lot of great places to discover for a foodie.

Me and my friend Melissa discovered this cute local spot called Ollie Vaughn.


We drove up to the parking lot and stumbled on a huge mural that covered the side of the building. I love art and love that it feels typical to find so much of it in Downtown Phoenix.


I think the greatest appeal of Ollie Vaughn is their atmosphere. The whole store is well lit with sunshine, which mixed with the white walls and blue chairs, feels overall clean, classic, and European. Then there is the back patio. The tables are topped with succulent pots, lined with the same blue chairs, and at the edge of the patio are two stand up gardens. All the sunshine gives this place the mood of feeling like a great place you would want to lunch.




Me and my friend got breakfast items: quiche, French toast and toddys. I’d love to return and try their lunch items, as two-thirds of their menu is salads and sandwhiches, plus their pastry case looked delicious with fresh pies and bars. Even so our breakfast was good. The quiche had ham, spinach and a creamy white cheese and was topped with cheese that had melted when heated. Also, the price was great. For my toddy and quiche I paid $7.50. And the rest of their menu was really reasonable too under $10.




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