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The Henry is easily one of my favorite spots in Phoenix. I love a recent visit I had with a couple of my friends Diamond and Augustina.


Diamond herself is a an amazing blogger and I recommend you check it out her blog  . We did a collaboration on this post. Here’s her introduction:

An Inventory of Classics

The Henry, An American Brasserie

The salon of “The Greatest Neighborhood Restaurant” exhibits an inventory of classics. Above a Davy’s Gray and Carolina Blue patterned settee hang five frames of abstract art evocative of Damien Hirst’s “spot paintings.” Metal Tolix chairs border a polished wood table aglow under the lights of burnished antique two-arm table lamps. An emerald velvet booth extends to an entryway, which reveals an Arcadian terrace that offers a generous cue of shade. This American brasserie, dubbed The Henry, exemplifies a Roaring (Twenties) sophistication.

A remarkable accomplishment is discovered in the duality of the culinary cues at The Henry. Where classical dinners are supplied in the evening, contemporary breakfasts are enjoyed in the noontime. In his book, American Food: The Gastronomic Story, Evan Jones, the late food writer famed for his efforts to bring the winning accents of American cuisine to the fore, references this mealtime character called brunch. He traces its culinary heritage to 1930s’ America. This dynamic that sees a harmony amid design and cuisine at The Henry is one that advances the restaurant as a space of fulfillment and gathering for family and friends.

Article by Diamond Troutman


So The Henry is broken into two sections. If you walk to the right, there’s a coffee bar and casual dining, and to the left is a sit down restaurant. My first experience at The Henry was in the coffee shop, and I remember thinking, “I just found my new favorite coffee shop.” It’s all so classic and worth returning to and introducing friends to in the months that followed.


The menu at the coffee bar offers The Henry speciality coffee drinks and classic coffee drinks such as lattes and cappuccinos, pastries, plus a casual dining menu.




As per my tendency, my experience with Augustina and Diamond was to coffee and lunch in the coffee space.


We ordered some salads and drinks at the coffee bar. The Kale and Apple salad comes with clementines, bacon, Amish cheddar and almonds.


My favorite salad is the Shrimp and Quinoa with black beans, corn, avocado, citrus, and apples. When I can, I go weekly just for this salad. I’m obsessed.


If you want to sit down for a nice meal, the space to the left that serves as the restaurant is gorgeous. The atmosphere is overwhelmingly attractive. The space itself is worth returning for, if not for the food that is up to the same quality.


I’ve only sat down to the fine dining area once. I got the Wild Mushroom Tortellini and it was phenomenal. It’s served in a white sauce with Brussels sprouts, butternut squash and Parmesan.


Give The Henry a visit! It’s a must to anyone in the Phoenix area.



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