Montebelluna ITALY – Pizzeria alla Stella, Gelateria Ducale, Caffè Cavour, Caffè Corona

I recently made a trip to revisit the town I used to live in in Italy for my friend Sharon’s birthday. The first place we went was her favorite coffee shop, that I had never tried, Degustazione. 

It was the best smelling coffee shop ever. All coffee shops smell like coffee, but here is was overwhelming, in the best way possible. Sharon got a cappuccino, and as much as a cappuccino is my usual, I had had two cappuccinos already that day so I went for a shakerato. I tend to get cold brew back home when I’m not wanting more milk, but in Italy it’s not really common to drink cold coffee, so my option and go to is the shakerato, which much like an iced americano, is: espresso shaken with ice, water and sometimes sugar. This spot made the best one I’ve had. 


After coffee, we met up with some of her friends for pizza at Stella’s. It was Sharon’s birthday, but I had had such good memories and pizzas here that it felt like my birthday haha. 


I had always wanted to try the french fry pizza, and now two years later and being so hungry, I got it, with sausage and ricotta. A couple points of culture: water at restaurants isn’t free and it’s expected you eat the whole pizza, but the crust is so thin is more doable than it seems.


Much like I left Montebelluna, it was still typical to go to gelato, and we went to Ducale afterwards, which also used to be one of my favorite spots. There is nothing like Italian gelato in America, so it felt too good to be back at Ducale.


My old favorite was Zuppa Inglese which has pieces of cake, but I went with Amareno (cherry) in a “cono” (cone).


Since I was just in town for a few days, I didn’t grab groceries and tried to just catch up on all the old favorites. Like the local kebab shop just a couple doors down from where I was staying. 

I used to love grabbing one and eatting it on the 20 minute walk home though town. One night, I told the guy I wanted a lot of “olio piccante” (spicy oil) and cried all the way home as I ate it, while my roommate laughed at me. So there were sentimental reasons for returning here, much like the other spots on this post.

After kebabs, Sharon asked where I wanted to go that day. She was hoping I’d say Caffe Cavour, and she knew me too well because Caffe Cavour was my favorite spot in Montebelluna and I couldn’t wait to return.


I had made friends with Ada, who owns the coffee shop, back when I used to come every morning for three months for a cappuccino. I was nervous she wouldn’t remember me after a couple years, but when I had the chance to approach her, she lit up with a mutual excitement, and I was too glad to catch up with with this Italian friend.



Their cappuccinos and pastries are so good. This was the place where I got my first cappucino in Italy, but it was the best. I couldn’t find better at any of the other spots I tried in town. I had been craving this pastry for two years, and today I was lucky enough to get there just in time for the last one. It felt so good, and so crazy, to finally be back.


The next day me and Sharon met with our friends Jake and Tyler for lunch. We walked into town to our friend Francesco’s spot Caffe Corona. 


It was a lot of fun and laughs to be together with these friends again in Montebelluna. It felt so surreal and so nice to reminisce.


I got the same as Tyler: a grilled vegetable and fontina piadine with a red mayo. Piadine is like a crepe: made of piadina, a bread closest to a tortilla,  and stuffed with savory items. 


On one of my last days, I walked to the center of town for another visit at Caffe Cavour. As I left, I walked toward the piazza I used to walk through everyday by my old apartment. There a few old Italian men invited me to sit with them for a caffe as they sat at Caffe Centrale. It was a lot of fun to make new friends with these Italians, and so far one of my favorite moments in Italy this trip. 


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