Montebelluna ITALY – Gelati Roberto, Centro Coffee Crawl

Made a return visit to Montebelluna to see Emma a couple days after she arrived back. 


I’d like to side track on some culture. I love living the Italian train culture. It’s so foreign to my usual car form of transportation back home. This was my third train ride alone. I had assumed I’d have a lot of chances to ride with others and learn, but that hasn’t been the case, ands it’s funny how we learn the best by being forced into just doing it and surprising ourselves at what we can figure out in a foreign country. 

She brought some Rose Park Roasters coffee so we had a pour over coffee party. It’s been a month since I’ve been away from home and the coffee making world, so it felt like a piece of home to pour with Emma. Plus, I love Rose Park Roasters so it was exciting that she brought it.



We made plans with Tyler that night to be introduced to their new favorite gelato spot Gelati Roberto.


They both recommended the menta (mint) gelato. It was amazing and I’m still thinking about it.


The next day I did a coffee crawl around the Montebelluna Centro. The first spot was obviously Caffè Cavour. I ordered my usual cappuccino and pastry in more Italian breakfast style. 



Afterward I walked around to find a new coffee spot to try. While walking around I stumbled on this boutique Le Scarpe di Aliss where these yellow leather heels were on sale, so I made an impulse buy.


The second coffee shop I stopped at was one I’d never been to: Bar Alla Loggia. It was under an archway off a main piazza. I loved the vibes: from the outdoor piazza vibes to the loud Italian community how everyone knew everyone, and the cute old man who went on and on in Italian thinking I understood him and how I wish I did, and the shakerato I ordered.

At this point it was lunch time and with two coffees in, I was definitely ready for food. I returned to my comfort spot Caffè Cavour to try their lunch menu. I got the spaghetti with tonno (tuna) and pomodoro (tomato).


I walked back in to the piazza for the third spot Bernardi, a cute french bakery and coffee shop. I spent the time editing photos, being stared at by Italians, and face timing my coffee crawling friend Michelle from back home. 




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