Millstatt Am See, AUSTRIA

I spent the week at the Schloss Heroldeck castle for my first time in Austria. 


It was rainy most of the time, but I was glad for the escape from humidity. And rainy days are perfect for cappuccinos and shoots anyway. I’d been wanting to try my friend Gioele’s cappuccinos here forever, so the rain provided the perfect atmosphere.



I tend to shoot in harsh sunny weather in Arizona, so the rain and diffused light was fun to shoot a different mood. And a good excuse to be in the rain while everyone sought cover and umbrella. Spent one for the first afternoons shootig with an old friend I was reconnecting with, Tyler. 


The time at the castle was a great opportunity to make new friends. Like Michal and Annie who I connected with so well for our similar life stages. 


I often spent a meal with Michal and Annie, and one of my favorite conversations with them was just prior to this candid in which Michal was dancing. 


While here I got to reconnect with some old friends like Jake and Sharon who I also spent a meal or coffee with, and an afternoon at the lake with. 




A few days in, me and Michal walked 20 minutes into town. 


It was a dark and rainy day. We picked a bouquet of flowers along the way.



Michal knew the tiny town well as she’s been coming every summer for the last 17 years, so she took me around and we walked down to the park and lake.



In the center of town there was a walled in beautiful courtyard and cathedral that we wandered around and shot in. 





She then took me to her favorite ice cream spot. Ice cream on rainy days is my favorite, so I was glad for it, and to return a couple days later through the pouring rain with Jake and Sharon. 



On our last day, I got a snap chat invite from Tyler to go shooting with him and Dany around the castle. It was fun to have one last creative shoot in Austria before leaving. 




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