Florence, ITALY

Florence was the last Italian city I visited on my six months living in Italy. By this time I was proficient at the train system, so I took a day trip from my apartment in Ferrara to explore the city on my own.

I knew nothing really of the city; this provided a great opportunity for a stumble upon, like the Ponte Vecchio,but I mostly wish I had done some research and knew what I was after.

I did have a short list I suppose, and on it was Ditta Artigianale. Absolutely one of the best coffee shops I encountered in Italy. They even served cold brew -the first I could find in my six months in Italy as cold coffee isn’t a concept that exists in this country – and as my coffee of choice, I was beyond excited.

Next on my list was to see David di Michelangelo at the Galleria dell’Accademia. I walked through Piazza della Signoria, which happens to have a duplicate of the statue if you would want to save time in line and money.

However, the museums in Italy are well worth the money, especially in Florence. Make sure to do your research on getting tickets to the David because if you are short on time like me on a day trip, you don’t want to spend hours in line or buy over priced tickets to skip the line.


After the museum, I grabbed a panini at a stand outside, and then some gelato, but here’s where I had wished I had done some research. Florence is known for not only it’s art, but it’s food, and trying to stumble upon a good spot in an Italian tourist city is a big mistake.

When traveling in Italy, make sure to research where to eat: there are way too many overpriced terrible tourist trap restaurants, and I’ve heard that disappointment from way too many people. There’s amazing food in Italy, if you know where to go.

I roamed the Mercato Centrale Firenze – the popular outdoor Italian goods market that I’d recommend for the experience and souvenirs – and then made my way to Uffizi Gallery. This museum is in my top two for Italy (with the Vatican Museum: see Rome, Italy post), so I’d say it’s a must if you are in Florence.


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